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Embracing Sobriety

  Many people think that if you stop drinking alcohol that you must have hit what is called 'rock bottom' which is a turn of phrase that conjures up images of the dirty, homeless and intoxicated individual, slumped on a park bench drinking a cheap bottle of extra-strength cider — the stereotype alcoholic. That's a fallacy; not everyone reaches rock bottom, and the point where people feel that their drinking has become a problem is a different experience for everyone. Many people don't classify themselves as an alcoholic, but instead, prefer to use terms like binge-drinker, alcohol dependent and grey-area-drinker. The point is still the same, we all have a problem with drink.   I hit rock bottom, pulled myself out and then hit it again, several times. It took me a long time to say goodbye to my constant companion, my best friend, my love - drink. My relationships faltered because of it, and I lost friends, my family still loved me, but I know I was hard wor